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M/S. VANGILI FEEDS is a partnership concern with Mr.V.Subramaniam and S.Selvi as the partners. This firm was established in the year 1989. The firm is duly registered with the Registrar of Firms, Namakkal. The unit is a Small Scale Industrial unit and also duly registered with the Director of Industries & Commerce, Tamil Nadu and ISO 9001-2015 certified

Now the unit is engaged in the manufacturing of Poultry feed. Since Namakkal is synonymo.us with poultry business, there is a continuous demand for the feed. We are one among the few big feed manufacturing units in Namakkal. Our production capacity is around Fed Mill Capacity Pellet (New Feed Mill)  400 tones/ day 10000-12000 tones per month,  Feed Mill Mash 3000-4000 tones per month, commercial placement 3,00,000 chicks  per week, Hatchery 4,00,000 capacity per week , and our feed is having good reputation in the market. Also our unit is working in a good & profitable manner for the past 21 years without any set back or interruptions.

PROMOTERS: Mr. V. Subramaniam is the managing Partner and Mrs. S.Selvi is the other partner. They both are having very good experience in the poultry business.

MR. V. SUBRAMANIAM : Mr. V. Subramaniam , S/o. Vangili Gounder is the managing partner of the firm. He is a well-known personality in the poultry circle. He has been in the Poultry industry for almost three decades. His pioneering efforts were in manufacturing of Poultry Feed, Broiler integration and marketing. He is having a very good knowledge and experience in commercial Layer & Broiler poultry farming, Breeder Parent farming & maintaining and running a Hatchery unit. Besides his own vocation he contributes much more for the growth of poultry industry in Namakkal. He holds various positions in a number organisations which are formed for the promotion of Poultry industry, like National Egg Co-Ordination Committee, Namakkal Zone.

He is an ex -member in the “Tamil Nadu Livestock Development Agency” formed by the Government of Tamil Nadu.At present he is President of Tamilnadu muttai kozhi pannaiyalargal Marketiing Society, Vice President Tamilnadu Muttai Kozhi Pannaiyalargal Sammelanam and Executive Member of rate fixing committee in NECC – National Committee.

Smt. S.SELVI: Smt . S. Selvi W/o.V.Subramaniam  is the other Partner. She is a very enterprising businesswoman. She has rich experience and having specialized knowledge in poultry farming. She is in Poultry farming for the past 15 years. Her experience in farm management is a great asset to the company.

OTHER BUSINESS CONNECTIONS OF THE PROMOTERS: The promoters also own other businesses which are, briefly described below:

This is a Partnership Firm of which Mr.V.Subramaniam as Managing Partner and Mrs.S.Selvi as other partner. This unit is engaged in the business of Layer Poultry farming having capacity of 30,000 birds in laying stage. This unit was started in the year 1992. By the end of 1996 the layer farm capacity was 1,20,000. Now this firm has another layer farm unit with a capacity of 250000 birds in laying stage in the year 2008-09. This firm is also run in an efficient and profitable manner since its incorporation. This unit had achieved optimum results and earned more cash profits for the past several years.

This is a private limited Company promoted by Mr. V. Subramaniam and Mrs. S. Selvi. Mr. V. Subramaniam is the Managing Director and Mrs. S. Selvi is the director of the Company. This is a duly registered company with the Reg. No: 181-6766 of 1995 dt. 12.12.1995 with the Registrar of Companies, Coimbatore. This unit is engaged in the business of rearing Breeder Parents, hatching the eggs and selling the day old chicks in the market. This unit started its commercial activities in the year 1997 and from that time this unit is running in a good manner and earn more profits and shows good results. The unit was first started with a capacity to hatch 20000 chicks in a single setting and now this is grown up with a capacity to hatch 4,00,000 capacity per week .


This is a Private Limited Company. This Company was taken over by Mr. V. Subramaniam and Smt. S. Selvi as a growing Company in the year 1996. This unit is also registered as a Private Limited Company as No: 181-5197 of 1994 dt. 06.07.1994 with the Registrar of companies, Coimbatore. This Unit is engaged in the business of rearing Breeder parents and sells the hatching eggs to M/s. Vangili Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. This unit was a sick unit when it was taken over and the present management with their hard work, experience, and knowledge had achieved good results and made the unit turn into a profit-earning unit. Now this unit is running in a good and profitable manner.


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